SLU’s Objectives for research described in SLUs Mission statement are:

  • The need to focus on areas of strategic importance to the SLU concept of operations and educational mission.
  • We pursue research of the highest quality and international excellence in these strategic areas.
  • We provide environments that promote and stimulate pioneering excellence in research.

Today one of the most important ways in achieving these goals is the participation of SLU researchers in initiatives/projects with international and national institutions that are leaders in a given subject. For that reason we have joined projects, or more importantly have taken the initiative to start projects that agglutinate the leading bioinformatics groups not only in Europe but also globally. We have participated and are still participating in numerous international projects, as well as publishing excellent research in peer-reviewed journal, and are developing software for making science more open.

international activities

International activities

The projects the SGBC is involved in.

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The most recent scientific publications our group has published

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We develop open-source software to make science easier and more accessible

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